Fixed Knot is our top-of-the-line wire. The knot holding the wires cannot be moved making it our strongest wire. All Fixed knot has high tensile line wires (horizontal) and medium tensile vertical wires. This means it stands up well and is very rigid. 


Pallet of 9
6-375-15 200m, 8-90-15 100m, 11-90-15 100m, 17-190-15 100m, 6-70-30 200m, 7-90-30 200m, 8-90-30 200m


Pallet of 4

8-90-15 200m, 12-115-15 200m, 15-150-15 200m, 16-180-15 200m, 17-190-15 200m, 17-190-30 200m

Fixed Knot 2.8mm T&B Wire

  • We can deliver products but prices on delivery can vary from $75-120, depending on distance and weight of the products. 


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