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Tee Fittings

Sold Loose or in Cartons.

T20-15, T20-20 Cartons of 100

T20-25, T25-20, T25-25 Cartons of 80

T25-32, T25-40, T32-25, T32-32, T32-40, T40-25, T40-32, T40-40, T50-25 Cartons of 40

T50-32 Cartons of 30

T80-25 Cartons of 25

T32-50, T40-50, T50-40, T50-50, T80-32, T80-40, T50-32-45, T80-32-45 Cartons of 20

T80-50, T100-32, T100-40 Cartons of 10



Tee Fittings

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